Petro Tyschtschenko bio

Special Guest in Vicoretro 2017 Petro Tyschtschenko


Tyschtschenko became the director of logistics for the whole European market at Commodore, responsible for the sales and delivery of Commodore VIC-20s and Commodore 64s all over Germany and other European countries.

After Commodore bought the new computer start-up company Amiga Corporation, Tyschtschenko’s duties expanded to the Amiga line as well.After Commodore went bankrupt, Tyschtschenko prevented the takeover by Commodore UK, the only remaining profitable entity.

He would have been without a job in that situation since he was known as “Mehdi Ali’s bag carrier” to the people running Commodore UK (i.e. David Pleasance). Instead, Tyschtschenko orchestrated the takeover of the Amiga productline by ESCOM, ensuring he himself would become president of the newly formed Amiga Technologies company.

Today published the book “My Memories on Amiga and Commodore”.petro

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